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Welcome to my corner of the web

This is my place to unwind. Now that things have calmed down a bit at work I'll probably start toying around with this site more.

OK so things at work never really calm down, doubt I'll ever have much time to work on the site. I do have plans for adding new components/modules but there's no timeline for when they'll appear on the site

What's new

Junior's coming home for a month visit before going off for his final year at Central Washington University. He'll be graduating the summer of 2013! He's working diligently on the V3 film project with the film studies department at CWU. He's also working on his own TV series now to be aired on the college channel in Ellensburg!

I've been keeping busy at work (as if that were news!), and am trying out Windows 8 on a couple machines (still not sure how much I like the whole "metro" thing).

Latest News

I still work on Bing Maps, however I no longer work on the geocoding features and am now working more on "Scenario Focused Engineering" and assisting the engineering teams with any questions they have related to SFE and/or testing in general. This is allowing me to have a better work/life balance and I can actually get out of the office at reasonable times most days!

(As always, the cookies are still good...)